Omega VRT350 Review

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  • Comes in different colors
  • Durable for a long term period


  • The price is a bit higher compared to others in the industry

omega vrt350 reviewOmega VRT350 from the brand Omega can be the perfect low-speed juicer that you are looking for. The brand value of Omega is there to think about when we are dealing with the slow juicer industry as Omega is a very powerful one here with a ton of positive reviews but that will not be the whole story as there are a lot more to talk about this one. Let’s begin with Omega VRT350 Review!

Features of Omega VRT350 Review

Let’s have a quick look at some of the promising features of this unit for a second. Obviously, we will not be able to talk about all the features out there but we will talk about the important ones for sure.

Color Options

If you care about the color of your juicer, then you will have a lot of options when you are going with the Omega VRT350. The good news is that there are three different colors that you can go for. There is the silver one and then there are red and cinnamon options which are brilliant. Obviously, the color of a juicer is important as it has to go well with the look of your kitchen and that is exactly what this company took into account.

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Auto Cleaning

This is a very good feature that is very rear to find in any juicer. The main reason that the company is charging a premium price for this juicer is that of the fact that it can auto clean itself. You will simply have to offer the water and the power that it requires and that is it. It doesn’t ask you to clean itself manually as that is an inbuilt feature.

We all love juices to drink but we hate the fact that we have to clean the juicer once our drinking phase is done. This happens with not only juice but almost every type of food. The cleaning process becomes so boring that people end up not preparing food at the first place. That will probably not happen with this Omega VRT350!

Low Voltage

Another cool feature of this product is the low voltage. If you are worried that a juicer will take away too much of electricity and will charge a high cost at your end then the good news is the low voltage feature of it.

The voltage is 110V which is amazing and it will take care of the cost of current for you!


Final Words about Omega VRT350 Review

Finally, if you are looking for a decent juicer which will serve you for a long period of time then Omega is a very good option without any doubt. The juicer has whatever you need to make sure that your juicing experience is perfect. The idea is simple. A juicer should be able to prepare juice at the proper speed and it should not lose the taste while doing so. That’s exactly what this one does.

Omega Vert Style (Omega VRT350 Review) Demo:

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