Omega Juicers J8007S 5th Generation Nutrition Center

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  • The J8007S Juicer has a low rpm so it acts you maintain freshness of the juice
  • Low rpm also means that it has a very quiet operation
  • Powerful 2-horsepower motor
  • Feature dual-stage mastication
  • High juice yield
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Comes with a great warranty deal


  • Is very slow
  • Has a very narrow chute (1.5”)

omega juicers j8007sOwning a great juicer is a necessity today. And, so we are working hard to hook you up with one. Which is why we dedicate today’s article to reviewing and testing the Omega Juicers J8007S 5th Generation Nutrition Center for you.

So, if you want to know how reliable and effective this juicer is, and how worthy it is to be your next purchase then keep reading. Let’s get started!

First look of Omega Juicers J8007s

Omega has always been on the front-line when it comes to juicers. And with the J8007S Juicer only adds to that. It uses a powerful 2-horsepower motor.

The juicer comes you in a beautiful and sleek silver-grey color and 6 nozzles and 1 juicing screen among many other accessories. Weighing in at just 14.3 pounds, one could say that it is somewhat lightweight. Furthermore, it measures 20.4 x 7.4 x 15.3 inches in dimensions, so you could easily place or even store it in shelves or cabinets.

Extraction: Centrifugal

Before you settle for any juicer, decide the type of extraction process it uses. Various extraction process brings different results. And the J8007S Juicer uses mastication extract process which is one of the most preferred forms of juicing since it least interferes with the juices’ nutritional benefits.

How? Well, first of all, masticating juicer are slow. Not exactly as a good point if you’re in a hurry, but it means it won’t generate much heat. This heat is what changes the value of the final product. Hence, the J8007S Juicer may b work at a slow 80 rpm (rotations per minutes) but it does it to honor the integrity of the juice! Second, it slows down the rate of oxidization as well.


Assembling and using the J8007S Juicer is easy. In fact, you will have access to the manual it shouldn’t be any rocket science, to be honest. However, one issue we have with it is that it has a very small chute.
The container comes with handles so holding them is easier and less precarious. As for stability, the bottom of the juicer uses rubber pads to maintain grip and hold to the surface so that it doesn’t wobble and wiggle during operation.

To add to the all plastic components on this juicer is BPA-free, so you can enjoy using it with any fear of damages. They are also all dishwashers safe as long as you put them on the top shelf of the washer. Neat!


The J8007S Juicer comes with an insane warranty deal. 15 years! Yes, you get a 15-year warranty for the J8007S Juicer.

That’s some serious confidence right there.

Final Words

A juicer needs to juice well; simple as that. And the Omega Juicers J8007S 5th Generation Nutrition Center does exactly what it’s expected to do. It has a few flaws, yes, but nothing too serious and that can’t be worked with. In fact, we think the J8007S Juicer exceeds our expectation by the whole lot. So, we say go for it! You won’t regret it for sure.

This concludes our J8007S Juicer review. We hope you picked up some useful info from it. Good luck!

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