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  • The masticating style makes up for better nutrients and antioxidants.
  • The juicer can retain original color and flavor of the ingredients.
  • The 80 rpm makes up for more efficient juicing process.
  • Can make a lot more things rather than just juices.


  • The manufacture claims $10 for every issue after 1 year which taints the 15 year warranty.

Omega J8004 ReviewOmega J8004 Review: This is a masticating juice exterior, meaning it has the speed of as low as 80 rpm. Because of the low speed, it has many unique features which the high speed machines lack. This juicer has a single gear commercial motor. The dual stage juicing means there will be no clogging, foaming or heat build up. The machine runs quietly, due to the low speed. Rather than only being a juicer, it is a multitasking machine with many abilities. But keep in mind that the low speed system does not mean that it takes a longer time to juice. It means this is a more efficient juicer compared to the other ones. It overall makes up for better-flavored juice with more freshness as well as more antioxidants and nutrients.

The unit is easy to assemble, operate and clean. The voltage runs at 110 V. The juicer is shipped in a certified frustration free packaging.

Now I will list down the couple of positive sides this juicer has for being a low speed juicer:

More Nutrients

The masticating style juicer squeezes the ingredients to extract the juice out, rather than grinding. This results in juice that has its pure color, natural taste as well as its vitamins and nutrients. The low speed is the reason juice from this juicer machine can maintain healthy enzymes. The juicer machine, because of its masticating style, can get out the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins and juice from the minimum amount of fruits and vegetables. You can use different types of leafy greens as well such as kale and spinach, or even wheat-grass. I think this is a great reason to get a masticating style juicer as nutrients and vitamins are the most important things to me.

Multitasking Juicer

This machine can do more than just making juice out of fruits and vegetables. The masticating style juicer can easily turn nuts into an all natural peanut butter. You can make baby food out of natural and fresh ingredients for giving maximum benefit to the baby. You can even grind up coffee beans and spices and mince up garlic and herbs. You can whip up soy milk as well. You can even make pasta with this juicer machine as it comes with pasta nozzles. Basically, you can start your complete food routine once you get this machine. Store bought items will never be in your home again once you get one of these juicers. It comes with a screen cone for juicing as well as a blank cone. There are different types of nozzles in the package such as an oval nozzle, a round nozzle and four other nozzles for pasta and sieve.

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Heavy Duty

This is a heavy duty masticating style juicer machine as the powerful gear reduction of the juicer is equivalent to a 2HP motor. This machine includes a GE Ultem Auger. This is 8 times stronger than most other plastics. This juicer will be super durable and long lasting under any situations, compared to most of the available juicer machines in the market.

Prevents Oxidation

The low speed system of the juicer machine makes sure that there is a limit in the froth and foam. This prevents oxidation in the juice and other minced ingredients. The juice can be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation or juice separation. This generally happens to almost every other juicer.

Final Words about Omega J8004 Review

The masticating juicer is unlike any other juicers I have ever used. I like all the features and I think the performance of the machine is far superior to any other competitors’. I will recommend this juicer to anyone who wants to get a better juicing as well as the mincing process.

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