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  • The added accessories are super convenient for storing and cleaning up.
  • The safety features are on point.


  • You can’t replace the filter basket as the manufacture doesn’t sell it separately.

breville 800jexl reviewThis Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain is an elite juicer with a powerful motor of 1000 watt. There are conveniently 2-speed controls in this juicer. The high speed goes up to 13000 rpm and the low speed is at 6500 rpm. Two options give you the option to go for both soft and hard ingredients. The materials of the unit are all durable materials, which I personally think will have me using this machine for a long time. The package includes a pulp container, a juice pitcher and a recipe book. I find all these extra accessories super convenient.

There is a locking arm in this unit that moves up to ¼ in all directions. This ensures a snug fit in the locking arm. This is a great way to ensure that the juice pulp and extracts don’t leak out of the unit while in the process.

Now I will talk about some of the features on this machine to help you see in it better details:


This machine is a very durable one because of the materials that have been used in this unit. The Nutri disc of the unit has cutting blades of Titanium. This makes sure that the blades will stay sharper for a long time to come. There is a mesh filter basket that spins out the pulps. This filter is of stainless steel to make sure it is always nice and clean. The main body of the unit is of die-cast materials. These materials make the unit both durable as well as make it look chic.

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Nutrients Stay Intact

When we make juice out of fruits which mostly contains water, the most nutrients are gone. But this unit makes sure that the nutrients stay in the juice. The juice fountain contains 40% more vitamins and minerals compared to the ordinary juicers in the market. This juice fountain has a patented juicing system along with the Nutri Disc that can transfer less than 1.8 F heat. This makes sure that the enzymes get protection and the maximization of nutrient absorption is there.

Dual Speed of Breville 800JEXL Review

The dual speed feature of the unit means you can juice both soft as well as hard fruits and vegetables. You can make juice out of hard fruits such as pears and pineapples at the high speeds with 12000 rpm. Or you can use the low speed at 6500 rpm for leafy green vegetables and softer fruits such as blueberries and raspberries.

Less Time Consuming

The feeding tube is large and 3 inches in size so it is easy to just throw in your whole apples, pears, carrots or any other hard fruits and vegetables without cutting them into chunks first. Since the motor is so powerful, it will cut through these whole ingredients without any trouble. I have found out that the unit can even cut through pineapple pieces with rinds on. I think this is a super convenient feature as it cuts down on the breakfast making time by almost half. This will be great for any working person in my opinion.

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Safe Juicer

You might be thinking how dangerous a juicer machine can get that it needs safety measure but it can be a real headache actually. There is a locking arm feature in the juicer that ensures that you cover the machine first before it starts operating. This means no fruit or vegetable will come flying at you in the process. Nor will you injure your fingers accidentally while doing something absentmindedly. There is another handy feature that is the Overload Protection system. This prevents the unit from overheating as it will automatically shut down when it senses that the unit is overloaded. This ensures that your machine is safe and you are under no risk to get an electrical power failure. Moreover, all of the materials of the parts that come in contact with your ingredients are BPA free.

Final Words

I like the juice fountain a lot for the performance and the features. I will recommend this juicer for having juices easily.

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